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"A breath of Fresh Air"


Ben Hills is an independent folk singer songwriter hailing from the West Country of the UK. Inspired by sea shanty folk & smokey jazz & blue singers of old, his music features poetic story woven lyrics across percussive acoustic guitar play. His debut EP Become attracted the attention of Syco Entertainment in 2018 with his original song Without Question securing 4 yes votes on Britain's Got Talent.


“His debut EP 'Become' is fresh, real, and bold, recorded with entirely real instruments, with breathtaking vocal performances captured across all four songs. Whatever new music you listen to this week, make sure 'Become' is part of your Playlist. It's that good!”

David Whitelock Creative Director Blizzard Records Ltd

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Debut EP Release at Lindfield coffee works 2017

Live sessions at Lana Banana Studios, Kent